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The money allocated by the Student Travel Fund is made possible by contributions from the University of Miami Citizens Board, the RSMAS Dean, and from the efforts of the Marine Science Graduate Student Organization (MSGSO). MSGSO’s primary source of income is through the Annual Student Auction that takes place in October or April. Eligibility requirements, usage details and restrictions are listed below.

Eligibility Requirements & Restrictions

  • 2 or 3 POINTS (Domestic / International Travel respectivelyare REQUIRE to be eligible for EACH STF FUNDING
  • 1 POINT MUST result from MSGSO fundraising activities (volunteering for the Student Auction or merchandise committees, effective 9/14/2016)
  • Students can only recieve funding ONE TIME per fiscal year (June 1 - May 31)
  • POINTS will expire 1 YEAR from the day they were acquired. The applying student is responsible for maintaining email receipts for STF points earned. 
  • ​​2 POINTS may be used to receive $500.00 for DOMESTIC TRAVEL.
  • 3 POINTS may be used to receive $700.00 for INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.
  • POINTS must be EARNED PRIOR to requests for STF FUNDING

How to Earn STF Points

Points can be earned by holding a leadership position and/or helping with any MSGSO, Outreach, Alumni, or Advancement event. Here are a few examples of ways to earn points. More information about these events can be found on the MSGSO website or the Outreach website. Volunteer opportunities vary from helping MSGSO at the auction to giving a campus tour. There is something for everyone! Some events even include free admission, food and t-shirts!

Records of earned points will be kept by the MSGSO and STF board members and passed on to subsequent boards.

STF Point Achievement Requirements

* All points awarded are at the discretion of MSGSO, STF, or the awarding RSMAS member.


Current MSGSO Officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)


Student Representative Position (earned after one year of service)

  • Includes MSGSO Representatives, STF Representatives, Student-Led Evaluations and Development (SLED) Representatives, SA Senators, Department Faculty Meeting/Academic Committee Representatives, RSMAS Academic Committee Representative, Library Committee Representative, etc.
  • Local solicitation for auction items (1 point may be earned if a student wishes to visit a smaller number of businesses)
    • Student visits local businesses on a predefined list given by MSGSO from August – October. During these visits, they ask businesses to make a donation to the auction, follow-up, and pick up items if necessary.
  • Teaching a seminar for the Student Computing Seminar Series
  • Former MSGSO Officer (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Donating a service to the auction (e.g. baked goods, specialty dinners, dance lessons, etc.). Donation of items for live or silent auctions may be made at the discretion of MSGSO.
  • Each 2 hour time block worked at the Annual Student Auction helping in roles defined by MSGSO (e.g. Admission, Live Auction, Silent Auction, Setup/Clean-up, etc.)
  • Volunteering for one MSGSO merchandise sale (usually 2 hours)
  • Designing artwork for MSGSO merchandise (must go through proper approval process facilitated by MSGSO)
  • Volunteer at other MSGSO events in roles defined by MSGSO (e.g. New Student Party, Halloween Party, Holiday Party, Mardi Gras Party, Talent Show, Science Party, Beach Clean Up, Jimbo’s Run, etc.)
  • Tours
    • Give tours of your labs or the school.
      • Middle and High School students - frequently teachers will ask to bring their students to RSMAS to see our labs
      • Donors often want to see our campus and labs
      • Prospective students

  • Lectures
    • Help setup and/or break down for lectures such as:
      • Sea Secrets (one Wednesday a month from January to May)
      • Key Biscayne Lectures (varying dates)
      • Alumni Lecture (May)
      • Bader Lecture (September)

  • Events
    • Throughout the academic year, there are numerous other opportunities/events happening on campus which require volunteer support of some form like
      RSMAS Open House, Women in Science Day, Environmental Immersion Day, Bring Your Child to Work Day etc. Notifications for such usually sent out a few weeks
      before seeking volunteer support for various tasks and activities.

There are numerous ways students can earn points to be eligible for STF funding! If there is something that is not listed above that you think qualifies you to earn points, please email MSGSO and STF PRIOR to the event to receive verification whether or not you will earn points.